LG LMT605 South Korea Unlocked Tablet?

[Update 1 ] The LG LMT605 received Wi-FI Alliance certification.

[Update 2] LG-T600L Pie Kernal source code posted on the LG open Source website.

According to Wi-Fi Alliance listings, The upcoming LG’s T series device (Possible a table with Pie OS) has 5 model variants, namely LM-T605, LM-T600, LM-T600US, LM-T600QS, and LM-T600L.

The LM-T600L is coming to South Korea carrier LG U+, and the LM-T605 is a carrier unlocked model.

Several days ago, The firmware for LM-T600US – LMT600US-V09k-USC-US-JUL-25-2019+0 was spotted in a leaked document.

The USC string in the firmware name suggests that the LM-T600US is a U.S. Cellular variant.

As to LM-T600QS, we know nothing about this model.


A new LG tablet with the model number LM-T605 (LMT605) has surfaced online.

According to our sources, LG is working on the firmware for an upcoming tablet which has the model number LM-T605 (LMT605).

The firmware name for the LG LM-T605 is LMT605-V09i-OPEN-KR-JUL-25-2019+0.

The software version of the firmware being test is v09i, it is close to v10a – which is the final release.  So we believe that LG will launch this tablet soon in Q4, 2019.

The firmware name also suggests that the LM-T605 is a carrier unlocked tablet (Open Korea).