LG LM-V520N in the works, Is it LG V60?

An upcoming LG device with the model number LM-V520N (aka LMV520) jas just surface online.

According to our sources, LG is working on the Firmware for LM-V520N (aka LMV520) on an est model (IOT – Item of TEST).


The firmware under test is used for carrier unlocked LG V520N (Korea Open).

In July, The LMV510N was spotted in a leaked document.  As you may already know, The LM-V500N is the model number of South Korea version of the LG V50 ThinQ.

We believe that the upcoming LM-V510N and LM-V520N are the upcoming V series flagship smartphone for next year.

It is reported that LG has just filed trademark names for the LG V60S, Maybe the LG V510N is the V60s, and LM V520N is the V60x.

This is just our speculation, Anyway, LG will continue to bring use it V series flagship smartphone in 2020.