LG Q70 LM-Q620WA certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, FCC and Bluetooth SIG


LMQ620VA is the LG Q70 for Verzion Wireless.


The LM-Q620WA was certified by the FCC and Bluetooth SIG Too.

According to the FCC listings, The device has the following model variants:

  • LM-Q620WA, LMQ620WA, Q620WA,  – Canada
  • LM-Q620VA, LMQ620VA, Q620VA, – Verizon Wireless?
  • LM-Q620VL,LMQ620VL, Q620VL, Verizon Wireless?
  • LM-Q620QM6, LMQ620QM6, Q620QM6, -Unlocked?
  • LM-Q620QM, LMQ620QM, Q620QM, -Unlocked?

As per the Bluetooth SIG listing, The device has the following variants:

  • LG-Q0520
  • LM-Q730NO
  • LM-Q620QM
  • LM-Q730N
  • LM-Q620QM5
  • LM-Q620QN
  • LM-Q620TM
  • LM-Q620MM
  • LM-Q620TM
  • LM-Q620QM6
  • LM-Q620WA

Source: Bluetooth SIG

[Orginal Story]

The Upcoming LG LM-Q620WA which is expected to be launched in Canada was spotted in Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Database.

As you can see from the above screenshot, The device with the model number LM-Q620WA runs Android Pie OS. It Supports Dual Wi-Fi bands.

Other specs of the LMQ620WA in details were not mentioned in the certification.

In October, THe LMGQ620WA model name was spotted in LG’s firmware database with Android 9.0 Pie beta firmware – LMQ620WA-V09e-CAN-XX-OCT-02-2019-ARB00+0

The Buyer suffix ‘CAN’ in the firmware name indicate that the device is designed for Canada market.

So far, we have not heard any words from the carriers in Canada about the release date and price for this LMQ620WA (LM-Q620WA) smartphone.

Stay Tuned

Sources: http://certifications.prod.wi-fi.org/pdf/certificate/public/download?cid=WFA92334