LG LM-K735 smartphone for Boost Mobile Spotted

Upcoming Boost mobile LG phones 2021, A new LG Smartphone with the model number LM-K735 (LMK735) was spotted on a website that is an upgrade server for all Boost mobile Phones.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the LM-K735 was listed together with LM-K200, LM-K330, LM-K420, and LM-K500.

The LM-K200 is LG K22 for Boost mobile, and You can find LG K22 Full Specs on the LG USA website here.

The LM-K330 is another upcoming LG Phones for 2021, The device has just bagged the FCC certification on Jan. 12, 2021.

LM-K420 is the model name for the LG K42 which is already released in the European Countries, Maybe Boost mobile Will launch LG K42 in Q1 2021.

LM-k500 is the model name for the LG K51 that is now available for purchase from Boost Mobile!

In fact, the Leaked listing does not reveal much information about this mysterious LM-K735 smartphone except the model number.

Anyway, We can tell that the LM-K735 is LG’s new K series smartphone for 2021 and it is coming to Boost Mobile. Is it LG K72 or LG K73?

So far, LG official has not announced the release date and price for the LM-K735 smartphones yet.

Stay Tuned!