LG L80 plus (D332 and D337) heads to India for testing

The unannounced yet LG L80 device has made its way to LG’s testing facility in India for “R&D purpose.”

Early Today, Two new LG devices were spotted in India’s Zauba import and export shipment tracking database, namely the LG-D332 and LG-D337.

As usual, the Zauba database reveals little about the devices themselves. The only information we can get from zauba listing is that the declared value of the two handset is 16,412(INR) per unit.

We have not seen any LG handset with model number “D33X” in market. Early leaks suggest that the LG D337 is the LG L80 Plus (name subject to change). It might be handset of the new LG L prime line.

According to our sources, the LG L80 plus D337 is on its way to Brazil.

Source: D337 ; D332