LG L80 (D385) Spotted in Bluebooth SIG Filing

A new device bearing model number “D385” has been spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing.

The LG-D385 is one model vairant of the LG L80 to be launched in the South America Market. Acccording to Bluetooth SIG Filing, the LG L80 model variants includes LG-D385,LG-D380, LG-D370,LG-D373,LG-D375,LG-D370TR, LG-D375AR and LG-D373EU. The LG-D373EU is Eropean version of the LG L80.

LG L80 Brief Specs:

OS:Android 4.4.2
CPU: dual core; 1,2 GHz
Display: 5-inch WVGA (854×380) IPS LCD
Internal Stoage:8GB
Camera: 8.0MP com Flash LED
Battery:2,540 mAh
Dimension:106.3 x 44.9 x 14.0mm
Connectivity: AA-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.1.1 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 High Speed

If you want to find out LG L80 Full Specs list, please visit LG India Offcial webpage for LG L80 here.