LG L760DL spotted on Tracfone website, Is it LG Stylo 7?

A new LG device with the model number L760DL was spotted on the Tracfone support website.

At the moment, we know nothing about this Upcoming LG L760DL smartphone for Tracfone, except the model number!

As you can see from the above screenshot, the LG L760DL was listed together with LG L322DL, L355DL, TCL A600DL, and Alcatel A509DL

LG L322DL is LG Journey™ LTE Smartphone for TracFone, while the L355D is LG K31™ Rebel for Tracfone!

The DL in the model number suggests that the LG L760DL is a GSM phone that supports 4G LTE networks. It will use AT&T towers.

The LG L760DL is expected to come with Android 10 or Android 11 out of the box.

So far,  Tracfone wireless has not announced the price and upcoming availably of this LG L760DL smartphone.

The marketing name of this LG L760DL remains mystery.  According to our tipster, the LG L760DL could be the LG Stylo 7 for Tracfone.

Stay Tuned