LG L63BL User manual / Guide

This is the official LG L63BL User manual in English provided from the manufacture.

THe LG L63Bl will be availalbe soon from Tracfone, net10 and Straight Talk.  It is a GSM version of the LG L64V will will be sold by Tracfone, net10 and Straight Talk as LG Fiesta LTE. Both LG L63BL and LG L64VL are the variants of the LG X power 2.  The LG L63BL and LG L64VL share same hard ware specs, the only difference between LG L63BL and LG L64VL is that the LG L63BL is a GSM phone supports AT&T LTE networks, while the lg l64VL is a CDMA phone using Verizon towers.

LG official has published the LG L63BL user manual in PDF and made it ready for download. You can grab it from below link:

Download LG L63BL User manual / Guide


You can also find the LG L63BL online interactive tutorials at Straight Talk website here.