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LG L455DL for Tracfone Surface online

A new LG smartphone with the model number LG L455DL was spotted in a leaked document.

According to our tipster, LG is testing the firmware on a new LG device which has the model number LGL455DL.

The firmware under test is soft version LGL455DLHL-V0at-TRF-US-OCT-28-2019+0

By the way, The “TRF” in the firmware name indicate that the device is tailor-made for Tracfone.

The LG L455DL could be Tracfone branded mid-range smartphone powered by Android Pie, Said our tipster.

Currently, Tracfone is selling three LG devices that have a similar model name pattern, namely the L322DL, L722DL, and L423DL.

Just like many other LG devices sold by Tracfone, The LG L455DL should be available from Straight Talk, Net10 and many other Tracfone prepaid brands.

Maybe LG will launch the LG L455DL phone in early 2010.