LG L15G and LG L16C for Tracfone approved by the FCC

Two new LG handsets, namely the LG L15G and LG L16C, were recently approved by the FCC.

The LG L15G and LG L16C are two entry level handset tailor made for U.S. prepaid carrier Tracfone. The LG L15G is a GSM handset which use AT & T networks.The LG L16C is a CDMA handset which use Verizon Wireless networks.

According to our sources, Both of the handsets will come with a display of unknown size with 320X480 resolutions.



The screenshots you see above show the approval of the LG L15G and LG L16C for US carrier Tracfone Although the approval does not reveal a US release date, it does suggest that the phablet will be released in the US soon.

Stay Tuned!

Source: FCC