LG K9 LMX210 Software Update history

In the U.S, LG released two variants of LG K9 Smart phone, namely the LG Aristo 2 (model: LMX210MA) from MetroPCS and LG K8+ LMX210ULM from U.S. Cellular.

In last week, Both LG Aristo 2 (model: LMX210MA) from MetroPCS and k8 Plus (LMX210ULM) from U.S. Cellular. have recieved a new software Update which brings the April 2018 Google Android Security Patch.

The LG K9 (LMX210EM) sold in European countries also recieved a new software update in the last two weeks. Check table below to find out if the update is available for your LG K9 Smart phone.

Model Suufix Buyer Country/Area Last Update date
LMX210FM MIA MIAMI_OPEN PA/Panama 2018-04-25
LMX210MA MTP METRO PCS US/United States 2018-04-20
LMX210MA MTK METRO_FRU US/United States 2018-04-20
LMX210MA MTD METRO_DEMO_DISPLAY US/United States 2018-04-20
LMX210ULM UCL U.S. Cellular US/United States 2018-04-18
LMX210ULM UCK US CELLULAR_TULSA US/United States 2018-04-18
LMX210EM FAS FASTWEB IT/Italy 2018-04-14
LMX210EM TIM TIM IT/Italy 2018-04-13
LMX210NMW AGR AGR DZ/Algeria 2018-04-11
LMX210IMW IND INDIA IN/India 2018-04-11
LMX210BMW BRA BRAZIL BR/Brazil 2018-04-10
LMX210EMW ITC ITALY COMMON IT/Italy 2018-04-09
LMX210EMW PLS PLUS PL/Poland 2018-04-09
LMX210EMW P4P P4 PL/Poland 2018-04-09
LMX210EMW POC POLAND COMMON PL/Poland 2018-04-09
LMX210NMW ARE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AE/United Arab Emirates 2018-04-07
LMX210NMW GCC ASBT_3PIN AE/United Arab Emirates 2018-04-07
LMX210EM FRA FRA FR/France 2018-04-06
LMX210EM DEC GERMANY COMMON DE/Germany 2018-04-06
LMX210EM HUN HUNGARY HU/Hungary 2018-04-06
LMX210EM VDH VODAFONE HU/Hungary 2018-04-06
LMX210EM VDI VODAFONE IT/Italy 2018-04-06
LMX210EM NLD NLD NL/Netherlands 2018-04-06
LMX210EM POC POLAND COMMON PL/Poland 2018-04-06
LMX210ZM TUR TURKEY TR/Turkey 2018-04-06
LMX210EM IBR IBERIA COMMON ES/Spain 2018-04-06
LMX210NMW CIS CIS 04/Cis 2018-04-04
LMX210NMW KAZ KAZAKHSTAN KZ/Kazakhstan 2018-04-04

LG official also released stock kdz firmware for ALL models listed in above table. If you need to download LG K9 LMX210 stock firmware, please contact us [email protected] with your phone;s IMEI.