LG K8 k350n firmware Update K35010H

March 20, 2019

The LG K8 k350n (Aka LGK350N) is getting a new software update which brings the device’s software version to K35010H.

ModelBuyer SuffixCountry/RegionCarrierLast Update Date
LGK350NGBRGB/United KingdomUNITED KINGDOM2019-03-20
LGK350NEEEGB/United KingdomEE2019-03-20
LGK350NVDFGB/United KingdomVODAFONE2019-03-20
LGK350NVUKGB/United KingdomVIRGIN MOBILE2019-03-20
LGK350NO2UGB/United KingdomO22019-03-20

The LG K8 k350n firmware Update builds K35010H is just a maintenance update based on Android M. The Update includes bug fixes and security patches.


Phone usability and functionality has been further improved.

The LGK350N supports software Update through OTA and LG Bridge; If your LG K350N smartphone stuck in download mode during the Update process, You can use the LG Bridge’s Update error recovery feature to restore LG K8 K350N.

Need to unbrick/restore LGK350N back to stock with LGUP? From the below links, You can download LG K350N stock kdz firmware directly from LG official server.

Download LGK350N stock firmware – O2U – O2





Software Version:K35010H

OS Version:M

File Name:K350n10h_00_0213.kdz

KDZ File size:1673729620



The firmware is used for LG K350N from O2 only. 

If you need to check and download the latest stock firmware for a specific LG K8 K350N model variant, please visit https://9to5lg.com/

Remember to visit our LG K8 K350N software update Page here to track LG K8 K350N software update history.