LG k8 2018 model number revealed


Three MORE variants of LG k8 2018: LM-X210ULMA, LM-X210TA, LM-X210MA spotted on LG official website.

It is rumored that T-mobile will launch LG Aristo 2. it is also a variant of LG K8 2018.

According to a leaked document, LG will launch LG K8 2018 smartphone which is a successor to the previous smartphone LG K8 2017.

As you can see from above screenshot, the unannounced device with the model number  LM-X210 is LG K8 2018.

The internal code name for the LG K8 2018 is CV1. and The LM-X210VPP is an LG K8 2018 Variant for Verizon Wireless. I will be available as Zone 4 under Verizon’s Prepaid Plan.

The LG ZONE 4 today received its FCC approval, suggesting that the device could be available soon in next a few weeks.


Maybe LG will announce its next-generation LG K8 at CES 2018.