LG K40 LMX420EM gets Android 9.0 Pie Update in Europe

LG K40 Android 9 Pie Update

[List] LG K40 Android Pie update available in these countries

LG has just released the Android 9.0 Pie Update for the LG K40 LMX420EM (aka LM-X420EM) launched in the European Countries.

Starting from October 8, 2019, LG K40 LMX420EM users in Spain, Hungary, and Italy will be able to upgrade their LG K40’s OS to the Android 9.0 Pie.

For your information, The Pie Update is currently available for Vodafone branded LG K40 in Spain, Hungary, and Italy Only.

If Your LG K40’s region suffix is VDS or VDH or VDI, Your phone will receive the Pie Update.

LMX420EM VDS ES/Spain VODAFONE 2019/10/08
LMX420EM VDH HU/Hungary VODAFONE 2019/10/08
LMX420EM VDI IT/Italy VODAFONE 2019/10/08

According to LG official, The Android Pie Update for the LG K40 X420EM is now available via OT and LG Bridge.

LG official also released the stock pie firmware for LG K40 X420EM today, If you need to download the stock kdz firmware based on Pie for your LG K40 2019, PLEASE visit