Use this page to track the European LG K4 2016 (LG M160) software Update History and Software Version.

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This document will be updated if and when new firmware update for LG K4 2016 (M160) is available.

This page was Updated on Dec. 22, 2017

Software Version: M16010l_00_OPEN_EU_OP_1205 [released on Dec. 22, 2017]

Software version: M16010l_00_OPEN_EU_OP_1205.kdz


Model Suffix Buyer Country  Live Date
LGM160 FRA FRA FR/France 2017-12-26
LGM160E DEC GERMANY COMMON DE/Germany 2017-12-26
LGM160 GRC GREECE GR/Greece 2017-12-22
LGM160 PNN PANNON HU/Hungary 2017-12-26
LGM160 FAS FASTWEB IT/Italy 2017-12-26
LGM160 NLD NLD NL/Netherlands 2017-12-22
LGM160 VDR VODAFONE RO/Romania 2017-12-22
LGM160 TLF TELEFONICA ES/Spain 2017-12-26
LGM160 TSC TESCO MOBILE GB/United Kingdom 2017-12-26
LGM160 ORY ORANGE EUROPE FR/France 2017-12-22
LGM160 DEC GERMANY COMMON DE/Germany 2017-12-22
LGM160 VDX VODAFONE GR/Greece 2017-12-22
LGM160 TMH T-MOBILE HU/Hungary 2017-12-22
LGM160 VDH VODAFONE HU/Hungary 2017-12-22
LGM160 VDI VODAFONE IT/Italy 2017-12-22
LGM160 ITC ITALY COMMON IT/Italy 2017-12-22
LGM160 TIM TIM IT/Italy 2017-03-21
LGM160 POC POLAND COMMON PL/Poland 2017-12-22
LGM160 VDS VODAFONE ES/Spain 2017-12-22
LGM160 IBR IBERIA COMMON ES/Spain 2017-12-22
LGM160 O2U O2 GB/United Kingdom 2017-12-26
LGM160 EEE EE GB/United Kingdom 2017-12-22
LGM160 GBR UNITED KINGDOM GB/United Kingdom 2017-12-22
LGM160 VDF VODAFONE GB/United Kingdom 2017-12-22