LG K30 2019 LMX320PM is coming soon to Sprint

LG K30 2019 (LMX320PM) is coming soon to meet Sprint Subscribers.

An upcoming LG device with the model numbersLMX320PM (aka X320PM), which is believed to be the Sprint version of the LG K30 2019, hAS passed through the FCC.

The PM at the end of the model number indicates that the device is tailor-made for Sprint.

Just like the LG G7 LGG710PM and LG V50 LMV450PM for the sprint, LG Attached the ‘PM ‘ suffix to the model number of devices designed for Sprint.

Like many LG devices for 2019, The upcoming LM-X320PM will come with Android 9 Pie out of the BOX.`
According to the LM-X320PM SAR test report submitted to the FCC, the device supports LTE Bands 2,4,5, 12, 13,25 and 26 as well as Band 66 and Band 71.
There are no words from Sprint on when the LG K30 2019 might launch on Sprint.
As for price,  Sprint may launch the LG K30 2019 with a price tag of around $180.