LG K10 (K428,MS428) Android Nougat Update

The LG K10 from T-mobile (LG-K428) and MetroPCS (LG-MS428) will get the Android Nougat Update soon.

Today, LG published the Android Nougat software source code for LG K10 (K428 and MS428) on LG’S opneSource code distribution website.

According to the listings, LG K428’s software version isLGK428SG_Nougat_Android_20c , LG MS428’s software version is LGMS428_Nougat_Android_20c

LG K10 on T-mobile recieved the K42810h software update on March 27, 2017.  It is Android 6.0.1 software update with Google security improvements and bug fixes. You can visit T-mobile webiste here to track LG K10 K428 software Update history.

The Android Nougat update for LG K10 from T-mobile and MetroPCS should be available soon in next week.