LG is Shuttering Smartphone Business, official announced

LG today officially announced that it is Shuttering its smartphone business.

According to LG officials, LG will continue to offer software updates and OS Upgrade for the target model

1; Will the OS upgrade of the product be provided even after the end of the business?

OS upgrade will be supported for the target model. Android 11 OS upgrade is currently underway for selected models, and Android 12 OS upgrade will also be provided for selected models. However, please understand that the OS upgrade plan can be adjusted according to the Google distribution schedule. product performance, and product stabilization level.

OS upgrade schedules may vary by country. so please check through the local customer service center.

2, Will the SW update of the product be provided even after the end of the business?

We will provide both security SW updates and quality stabilization updates for our mobile products with confidence. However, there may be changes in the policy in the future, and we will inform you in advance.



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