LG Intuition VS950 Software Update “VS95011B” Issues

LG and verizon wireless has released the “VS95011B” software update for Verizon wireless LG Intuition VS950. Many LG Intuition VS950 owners have experienced lots of issues and problems with this update.

Here are some advice for those LG Intuition VS950 users who experience the software update issues:

Do not try to re-flash your devices using the VZW Update Tool
Remember to backup your device with VZW back -up assistance for future update.

Instruction for those who lost pictures and video files after the update:

This update do not erase your device internal memory, you can still retrieve it from your PC.

How to retrieve pictures stored on my LG Intuition VS950?

1. Install the LG Intuition VS950 USB device Drivers First.
Connect device as Media sync (MTP) (Pull down notification bar to select USB connectivity mode)
• From PC > My Computer > VS9504G > Internal storage
• Go to each folder and transfer pictures and files over to PC – DCIM (pictures/videos), QuickMemo, Download, etc.

2. If Media sync (MTP) gets recognized as Video device, connect as Camera (PTP)
• Run Camera Wizard or go to My Computer > VS9504G (under Scanner and Cameras) > Camera folder

Instruction for those who lost contacts after the update:
If you have not perform a reset to the device factory default settings, the contacts data should stored on your device.
The issue is that your device can not locate the contacts.

How to retrieve contacts for my LG Intuition VS950

From your computer, visit Google.com. Log into gmail.com account, then go to http://contacts.google.com to see the contacts.
You can export contacts from the http://contacts.google.com. and import to your new device.

Wish this helps.