LG H442 Possible LG F70 Successor Spotted At Zauba

A new LG handset with the model number LG-H442 was spotted in India’s import-export tracking website,Zauba.com


The LG H442 is expected to be the successor to the LG F70 which was launched Earlier last year ahead of MWC 2015.

Days ago, The European variant of the LG H442, namely the LG H440n, received the GCF certification. Early leaks suggest that the device will be available in the U.S via AT & T (LG-H443), T-mobile (LG-H441) and Cricket Wireless (LG-H445).

The LG H442 was mentioned in zauba listing with a 4.7 inch display. According to The UA Profile for LG-H443-one variant of the LG H442, The device will have a display 720×1280 pixel resolution. Unfortunately apart from the display size and resolution, not much else is known about the handset at the moment.

According to our tipster, the LG H442 is global flavor of the LG F70 Successor. It Supports 4G LTE network, while the LG L70 series successor support 3G only network.

H42x : ==> Y70 / 1280×720 / 3G ==> L Series
H44x : ==> C70 / 1280×720 / LTE ==> F Series

Stay Tuned as we dig for more possible clues.