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LG G8X G850UM Gets GCF Certification

The LG G850UM (LM-G850UM ) –  aka LG G8X –  has just received its Global Certification Forum approval today.

As per the GCF listing, The LM-G850UM features support following 4G LTE bands:

FDD Band 1
FDD Band 2
FDD Band 3
FDD Band 4
FDD Band 5
FDD Band 7
FDD Band 8
FDD Band 12
FDD Band 13
FDD Band 17
FDD Band 20
FDD Band 25
FDD Band 26
FDD Band 28
FDD Sub-Band 28A (Lower Duplexer only)
FDD Sub-Band 28B (Upper Duplexer only)
TDD Band 40
TDD Band 41

The LG G8X LM-G850UM certified by the GCF supports LTE Bands 1, which is used in Brazil, Costa Rica, and European countries.

So, It could be the European version of the LG G8X.

According to our sources, the LG G8X to be launched in the Canda has the model number LM-G850UM2,

The U.S. Unlocked LG G8X sports the model number LM-G850UM, the U.S. Cellular Variant also has the model number LM-G850UM, said our tipster.

The model number naming pattern for LG G8X could be a little confusing.

You may have already seen several different model number of the LG G8X smartphone – LG G850UM or LMG850UM or LM-G850UM  – from various sources.

By the way, LG is testing the firmware for LMG850UM – LMG850UM2-V08f-CAN-XX-AUG-29-2019-ARB00.

As you can see from the firmware name, The Model LMG850UM2 is designed for the region suffix CAN, hinting that it is a device to be launched in Canada.

Furthermore, The software developed for Unlocked LG G8X is LMG850UM-V06a-USA-XX-JUL-24-2019-ARB00+0.

Stay tuned.

p/s LG will release stock kdz firmware for the U.S. unlocked and U.S. Cellulare branded LG G8X.