LG G8 ThinQ Android 10 Q Beta Firmware – USA Unlocked Android 10 Beta V18b

LG G8 Android Q Update – Everything you should know about LG G8 ThinQ Android 10 Update

[Update 11/20/2019]

South Korea Version LG G8 ThinQ Android 10 Update could be available very soon.




[Update 11/19/2019]

LG is working the Android 10 Beta V18b for Unlocked and Amazon Edtion LG G8 ThinQ Smartphone.

USA Unlocked LG G8 ThinQ Android 10 Beta V18b



LG G8 ThinQ Amazon Edition




LG G8 ThinQ G820N kdz firmware – based on Android Q Beta (3rd build)


  • we can not sideload the above KDZ on G820N model with LGUP.
  • The DLL used for G8 Android Q firmware is lgup_common.dll Ver 1.0.40.
  • Do not try this KDZ on other LG G8 ThinQ models, It is used for South Korea Version only

Original Story:

Android 10 Q beta is now available for the LG G8 ThinQ in South Korea.

The Android 10 Q beta firmware is for Korea versions of LG G8 ThinQ LM-G820N (LG U+, SKT, KT, and Korean Open) only.

Before flashing your compatible LG G8 ThinQ device with Android Q Beta there are a few things you need to be aware of, so please read the following information carefully.

IMPORTANT Information:

    • This is beta software for your device, intended for application development and not for daily use.
    • Please be aware that it might be unstable and functionality might be under development.
    • All personal content in the device will be lost and you cannot use Backup or Restore as long as you run the preview software.
    • Not all variants of LG G8 ThinQ will have the support for the Q Beta software, only the sales model in Korea versions of LM-G820N (LG U+, SKT, KT, and Korean Open).
    • To make sure you get a compatible device, the safest way is to buy a device in Korea.

Source: Android Q Beta for LG G8 ThinQ – LG Developer website

How to install Android Q 10 Beta on South Korea LG G8 ThinQ

Download LG Beta Downloader

LGBetaDownloader_Setup_1.0.2_121.zip (41.59M)

Unzip LGBetaDownloader_Setup_1.0.2_121.zip and double click LGBetaDownloader_Setup_1.0.2_121.exe to install it.


Connect your LG G8 ThinQ to PC, and Click Update beta OS to install the Android 10 on your LG G8 G820N model.

You can also use LG Beta downloader to roll back to Android Pie 9.0

Please visit the LG official developer support team forum for details.

Here is a screenshot of ‘About phone” after installing the Android 10 Beta, The Android Version is 10 and the OS build number is Q7Q1.190716.003

We are trying to download the Android 10 Q beta firmware in KDZ format for the G820N model.

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