LG G8 ThinQ Xfinity Mobile software Update with Nov. Security Patch

LG G8 ThinQ LMG820QM5 (Xfinity Mobile)  Software Update LG official is rolling out a new software update for the LG G8 ThinQ LMG820QM5 (LM-G820QM5, G820QM5) from Xfinity Mobile! According to our tipster, the Update is based on Android 10 Q OS (LG UX 9.0), and it brings the November 2020 Android Security Patch. Starting December … Read more

FCC Approved four LG G8 ThinQ variants

The FCC has just approved four variants of the LG G8 ThinQ, namely the LM-G820V, LM-G820UM, LM-G820TM, and LM-G820QM. LM-G820V (G820V) is the LG G8 ThinQ for Verizon Wireless, and the LM-G820TM is G8 thinQ head to T-mobile. Early leaks suggest that the LM-G820UM is a unlock LG G8 ThinQ for Canada Market. and LM-G820QM is US unlock … Read more