LG G8 Android 10 Firmware Beta

LG G8 ThinQ could receive the Android 10 Update very soon in South Korea!


LG official is testing the Android 10 beta firmware Version V17q for the South Korea version of the LG G8 ThinQ.

The Android 10 beta was tested on September 4, 2019. and the size of the firmware is 1477.26MB.


V10m – Android Pie 9.0

V17q – Andorid 10 Beta

V20a or above – Android 10 final release

According to our sources, The Beta V17a is an Upgrade from V10m to V17a. It means the v10m is the latest update based on Android Pie for LG G820n.

If your LG G8 ThinQ’s current software version is V10m (G820NO10m), Your Phone is eligible to receive the Android 10 Update.

The Next Update for your phone is OS Upgrade to Android 10 software version v20a or above.

LG South Korea has already launched the LG G8 Android Q beta preview program, you can install the Android 10 beta through LG Beta Downloader:

LGBetaDownloader_Setup_1.0.2_121.zip (41.59M)

Visit LG developer website here for details.

So far, We do not know when the Android 10 will be available for LG G8 ThinQ in the USA.