LG G6 H873 Stock Firmware H87320I

Download LG G6 H873 Stock firmware H87320I: H87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz

October 25, The LG G6 H873 on VIDEOTRON received a new software update which brings the LG G6 H873 software version to H87320G.

The Update H87320G is just a minor maintenance update.  According to LG official,  The LG G6 H873 usability and functionality has been further improved.

LG G6 H873 Stock firmware H87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz is available for download from LG server, You can download it from below link.

Download LG G6 H873 Stock kdz firmware Oreo – H87320I





Software Version:H87320I_00

OS Version:O

File Name:H87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz

KDZ File size:3179571779


Can not download the kdz file from above URL with a browser? Please download and install XDM download manager first, Copy about URL and start a new Download Job in XDM download manager to save the KDZ firmware onto your computer.

LG G6 H873 users now can install the v20i software update VIA OTA and LG Bridge.  

windows: LGBridge_Setup.exe


If you experience any issues during the update process, you can use LG Bridge’s “Update error recovery” feature to restore your phone.


LG G6 H873 issues:

Usually, a hard or soft reset is supposed to fix any possible software issue you might be experiencing with your LG G6 H873! Learn how to reset LG G6 H873 Here.

Flashing the Latest LG G6 H873 firmware with LG UP can fix the boot loop issues. You Unbrick a software bricked LG G6 H873 and Restore LG G6 H873 back to stock.

Can I downgrade the SOFTWARE on my LG G6?

Due to Anti-rollback (Qufse) feature, you can downgrade the software if the Qfuse Verison of your phone’s current software is higher than the firmware you want to flash. For Example.

Your phone’s current software is v20a, and its Qfuse Version is 1. When you try to flash the v10a firmware which has Qfuse version 0. You may hard brick your phone!

How to bypass Google FRP on my LG G6?

Flashing stock kdz firmware does not solve the FRP issue. You can not bypass the GOOGLE FRP lock by flash any stock firmware.

But for some old LG devices launched before 2015, You can try the “Chip Erase” feature on LG UP for Developer 1.14 to remove the GOOGLE FRP lock.

How to flash stock kdz firmware onto LG G6 H873 with LGUP 

  1. Download Stock firmware 
  2. Install LG USB drivers
  3. Download and install LG UP Software
  4. LG UP DLL for LG Q7 PLUS or Uppercut.exe from XDA developer
  5. Connect your phone to PC via USB Cable, if you are using uppercut.exe, remember to run it first
  6. Run the LG UP software and let LG UP to detect your phone model number and software version
  7. If LG UP cannot detect your phone’s model number, you need to put it into download mode first and then connect it to PC
  8. From LG Main Screen, Select Upgrade and Click Bin/File to select the Stock kdz firmware,

  9. Click start to start the flash process and wait until it is 100% completed.
  10. Reboot your phone, now your phone is back to live.