LG G6 H872 user manual / guide

This is the official T-mobile LG G6 H872 user manual in English and Spanish provided from the manufacture.

T-Mobile customers can buy the LG G6 H872 online and in stores beginning April 7. The official model number of T-mobile LG G6 is “LG-H872”.

The T-mobile LG G6 H872 user guide is now available for download from T-mobile support website. Those who are interested in LG G6 from T-mobile can download the LG 6 QUICK start guide and user manual from below links.

T-MOBILE LG G6 H872 user guide
T-MOBILE LG G6 H872 user guide
Download LG G6 H872 user manual

Language: English

Download: LG G6 User Guide_English.pdf

Language: Spanish

Download:LG G6 User Guide_Spanish.pdf


The quick start guide for LG G6 H872 is also available for download via this link. LG G6_Start Guide.pdf

According to T-mobile official Support, the initial release of software on LG G6 H872 is build H87208i.  For you information,  The T-mobile LG G6 supports Web download and FOTA software update, It means that you can download LG G6 H872 from LG server with IMEI. In the U.S. ,  Sprint and AT&T support FOTA firmware update only, so you can not get free kdz firmware for your LG G6. if you order LG G6 from AT&T or Sprint, remember not to modify the OS of your phone, it is very hard to fix LG phones from AT&T ,cricket Wireless, Sprint and Boost mobile.

By the way, Verizon LG G6 supports web download of firmware too, You can download stock Verizon LG G6 firmware from LG server.