LG G6 ACG (AS993) software Update AS99320B

The LG G6 ACG AS993 received the Oreo Update in July, and now the device receives its first software update with latest Android Security Patch since the Oreo Update.


LG is rolling out September Security Patch for the LG G6 AS993 model with Buyer Suffix BPT and BPS! You should receive the OTA update notification in the coming days.

The Update is also available through LG bridge.! Just download and install LG bridge and use the Software Update feature to install the software update!





Software Version:AS99320B_02

OS Version:O

File Name:AS99320b_02_0809.kdz

KDZ File size:3004425451



LG G6 ACG AS993 users now can download the LG AS993 stock kdz firmware build AS99320b from above link.  You may use it to restore/unbrick your LG LG G6 AS993 smartphone by flashing the kdz firmware with LGUP.