LG G5 H860, H860N and LG H868 Firmware Update history, Download Stock LG H860 H860N firmware

You can use this page to track LG G5 (H860, H860N and H868) Firmware Update history.

This document will be updated if and when new firmware update for LG G5 (H860, H860N and H868)  is available.

Updated April 3rd, 2017

Model Suffix Buyer Country Live_Date
LGH860N HKE HONG KONG HK/China 2017-03-24
LGH860 SEA ARROW SG/Singapore 2017-03-04
LGH860 IND INDIA IN/India 2017-03-01
LGH860N HKG HONG KONG HK/China 2017-02-19
LGH860 TWN TAIWAN TW/Taiwan 2017-01-26
LGH860 AGR AGR DZ/Algeria 2016-12-28
LGH860 IRN IRAN IR/Iran (Islamic Republic of) 2016-12-28
LGH860 AFR NIGERIA NG/Nigeria 2016-12-28
LGH860 NGR NIGERIA NG/Nigeria 2016-12-28
LGH860 ARE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AE/United Arab Emirates 2016-12-28
LGH860 GCC ASBT_3PIN AE/United Arab Emirates 2016-12-28
LGH860 PHL PHILIPPINES PH/Philippines 2016-12-27