LG G5 H850 received Oreo Update – United Arab Emirates

LG G5 H850 Android Oreo Firmware Update – United Arab Emirates

LG G5 H850 Android Oreo Firmware software version H85030E – H85030e_00_OPEN_AME_OP_0206.kdz, now available for download

ModelBuyer SuffixBuyer/CarrierChip TypeLast Update Date

LG official finally released the LG G5 H850 (LGH850) Android Oreo Update in the United Arab Emirates.

As you can see from the above table, the Update is rolling out to the LG G5 H850 with buyer suffix ‘ARE’ and “GCC”.   The region suffix in the firmware name is “AME”.

Now You can upgrade Your LG G5 H850 to the Android Oreo OTA.  If you have not received the OTA Update notification on your phone, You can use LG Bridge to install the Oreo Update onto your phone. Click here to download LG Bridge for LG G5 H850.

LG G5 H850 Android Oreo Firmware – ARE





Software Version:H85030E_00

OS Version:O

File Name:H85030e_00_OPEN_AME_OP_0206.kdz

KDZ File size:2642327384


Need to download the Previous Version Android OS Firmware for LG G5 H850? Check below links.

Android Nougat 7.0

Software Version: H85020F_00

OS Version: N

File Name: H85020f_00_OPEN_AME_OP_0410.kdz

KDZ File size: 2614762258


Android M 6 MMR1

Software Version: H85010N_00

OS Version: MMR1

File Name: H85010n_00_OPEN_AME_OP_1007.kdz

KDZ File size: 2509493895


Learn how to upgrade your LG G5 H850 with LGUP, check this guide


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