LG G5 Canada H831 Android N 7.0 Stock kdz firmware Build H83120a

Below You can find the Stock kdz firmware for LG G5 Canada LG H831 models – H83120a_00_1118.kdz.

As of March 18,2017, The latest firmware for LG G5 H831 is build H83120a which includes the Nov. 2016 Google Android Security Patch.

Please select your Carrier and Buyer Suffix, and then Click the kdz file to download the right firmware for your phone.

LG-H831AVCVIDEOTRON H83120a_00_1118.kdz2016/12/23
LG-H831ESTEASTLINK H83120a_00_1118.kdz2016/12/19
LG-H831TLSTELUS H83120a_00_1118.kdz2016/12/19
LG-H831RGSROGERS H83120a_00_1118.kdz2016/12/19
LG-H831BLMBELL MOBILITY H83120a_00_1118.kdz2016/12/19


To unpgrade/unbrick/restore LG G5 H831 back to stock by flashing latest kdz firmware with LG UP, You need to download and install

It is easy to use LG UP to flash kdz/tot/dz firmware to unbrick/restore your LG G5 H831 back to stock.To flash kdz firmware onto LG G5 H831, You can use LG UP or LG Flash tool 2016. We do prefer the LG UP software -which is a TOOL from LG official.

  1. LG USB drivers for LG G5
  2. LG UP software
  3. LG UP DLL for LG H831

Learn how to use LG UP to flash kdz firmware check this guide.