LG G4 F500L Firmware – Android Nougat & Marshmallow

Download LG G4 F500L Firmware from LG official Server. – F500L30b_00_0626.kdz [Nougat] – F500L20u_00_0504.kdz [Marshmallow]

As requested by LG G4 F500L users, We here share with you the latest stock firmware for LG G4 F500L – Both Android Nougat and Marshmallow.

In 2017, The South Korea LG G4 F500L received Android Nougat Update (Build: F500L30b). It seems that LG will not release Oreo Update for the G4 devices.

From below link, You can download the LG G4 F500L firmware: 

Android Nougat: F500L30b_00_0626.kdz





Software Version:F500L30B_00

OS Version:N

File Name:F500L30b_00_0626.kdz

KDZ File size:1548074540


Android MarshmallowF500L20u_00_0504.kdz


Can not download the kdz file from above URLs? PLEASE Download and Install XDM download manager first, and then use XDM download manager to download the kdz file.