LG G4 Dual LTE H818P (LGH818P) firmware collection

Download G4 Dual LTE, LG H818P (LGH818P) Firmware

Here is a list of the stock firmware for LG G4 Dual LTE H818P (LGH818P) You can download from LG official website.

How to identify the correct/original firmware for my LG H818P (LGH818P) phone?

Check your phone’s current software version, it should read something like V20E-XXX-AAA.  For example, If your phone’s current software version is V20E-ARE-AAA, Your phone’s buyer suffix is ARE, locate the ‘ARE” in the above table, You should find the correct firmware for your phone.

Also, you can visit lg-firmware-rom.com, input your phone’s IMEI and click download to find the latest firmware for your phone.

If you are having some issues, or need the Android L 5.0 firmware for your LG G4 H818P smart phone, please contact us at lgkdz@hotmail.com


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