LG G4 Dual LTE H818P (LGH818P) firmware collection

Download G4 Dual LTE, LG H818P (LGH818P) Firmware

Here is a list of the stock firmware for LG G4 Dual LTE H818P (LGH818P) You can download from LG official website.

How to identify the correct/original firmware for my LG H818P (LGH818P) phone?

Check your phone’s current software version, it should read something like V20E-XXX-AAA.  For example, If your phone’s current software version is V20E-ARE-AAA, Your phone’s buyer suffix is ARE, locate the ‘ARE” in the above table, You should find the correct firmware for your phone.

Also, you can visit 9to5lg.com, input your phone’s IMEI and click download to find the latest firmware for your phone.

If you are having some issues, or need the Android L 5.0 firmware for your LG G4 H818P smart phone, please contact us at [email protected]


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