LG G4 AS811 (LGAS811) firmware – Android 6.0 Marshmallow – AS81120a_00_0224.kdz

Safe and fast Download LG AS811 (LGAS811) Stock firmware AS81120a_00_0224.kdz from LG official server.

LG official released the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update for the LG G4 AS811 (AKA LGAS811) in 2016. It seems that the phone will not receive Android 7.0 Update anymore.

According to Android Enterprise website, the LG G4 AS811 (AKA LGAS811) is not eligible for Android 7.0 Update.

LG AS811 Uses who bricked their devices now can download the LG AS811 (LGAS811) firmware from below links.


Model: LG AS811

Suffix: ACCAOP

Buyer: CCA

Country: United States


Software Version: AS81120A_00

OS Version: M

File Name: AS81120a_00_0224.kdz


Can not download the AS81120a_00_0224.kdz with a browser? PLEASE try to use the XDM download manager to download the AS811 firmware.

You can unbrick/restore LG G4 AS811 back to stock by flashing the AS81120a_00_0224.kdz with LGUP.

How to unbrick LG AS811 with LGUP?

1) Download and install the latest LG USB driver

2) Download and install LGUP software


3) Download and install LG UP DLL for LG G4 AS811


4) Download LG G4 AS811 Firmware


Learn how to use LGUP to flash kdz firmware onto LG G4 H811, How to upgrade LG AS811 with LGUP, check this guide.


If you need to download the Android 5.0 firmware for the LG G4 H811, PLEASE contact us at [email protected]