LG G3 Tips and Tricks, Useful Features you might not know about on your G3

Using keys & button:

1)Back key
You can Touch and hold the back key to access the Dual window feature

2)Power/Lock Button
Press and hold Power/Lock Button,You can quickly switch to Silent mode , Vibration mode or Sound mode.

3)Recent Apps Key
Touch and hold Recent Apps Key to access System settings,quick access to the phone’s Settings menu.
— To access the hidden context menu on LG G3

A clean home Screen

You can see the wallpaper without items on the Home screen by pinching out.


Quick Access

To view the quick access items, touch anywhere in the front key area and drag up. The following options are available: Voice Mate, Google Now, and QuickMemo+.’

Using LG Keyboard

1) move the cursor
Touch and hold the Space Key and slide your finger to the left or right to move the cursor.

2) Split Keyboard

Place both thumbs on the keyboard and slide them outwards in opposite directions. allows you to use both hands to type while in landscape view

Split Keyboard

3) Adjust Keyboard height and Bottom row keys

Tap > Keyboard height and layout > Keyboard height

Tap > Settings > Language & input > LG Keyboard > Keyboard height and layout > Bottom row keys.

Using LG Camera

Gesture Shoot feature


To be continued, Please let us know you have already know these tips & tricks.


You can watch TechSmartt’s full video of LG G3 tips and tricks below.