LG G3 smart notice feature explained

“Smart notice” is LG’s Newest UX Feature announced during the launch of the LG G3. So what is the Smart Notice feature? What the LG G3 Smart Notice app will help you with?


New contact suggestions

Suggest a card when there are frequent calls to or from a number not saved to Contacts

Callback reminders

Suggest a card when no call is made after decline message is sent

Battery saver

Suggest a card when the battery is low

Birthday notifications

Provide notifications for birthdays saved in Calendar and Contacts

Smart Cleaning

Suggest cleaning temporary files

Memo reminders

Provide notifications about memos with time and location reminders

Smart Tips

Provide tips on how to use phone

Life square

Suggest past memories based on time and place

LG Health

Provides exercise status updates

Traffic notifications

Provide traffic info for commute

Weather alerts

Suggest a card when there is weather alert


Provide notifications about shops nearby that accept payment or check in via PayPal

My places

Suggest changes to settings automatically and recommend apps based on location data?

The LGConciergeBoard.apk is from Korea LG G3. We might see some different smart notice suggestion on U.S version LG G3. For your information, the paypal nearby shop notication is not available on Korea LG G3 smart phones.

Source: Eyeonmobility.com