LG G3 Settings and UI Changes

Did you just upgrade your phone from the LG G2 to the newly LG G3 and looking for apps and settings and you can’t find them? No problem, we are here to help!

LG has simplified the UI on the LG G3 and removed some settings. For instance, the KnockOn feature is now On by Default and cannot be switched off.
So, they removed apps like the Built-in Video Player App. LG’s way to simplify apps is to put them together with other existing apps, so the Video Player app is now built into the Gallery App.

Then there are apps which merged with another app, like the World Clock. Wanna put your phone in Daydream looking for world clock? Well now its called Clock since LG merged it together to make the UI more simple, so did they merge the Memo, Notebook and Q Memo into 1 single app called “Q Memo +” all of those are now in 1 place easier to find and less apps in your app drawer.

Then there are small touch ups like the Weather Widget Effects. Till now every weather had an effect like Cloudy, Fair, Rain, Snow etc. now LG removed Cloudy and Fair effects while Rain and Snow effects remain.
So was changes made to the Camera App, LG removed almost all unused or rarely used items and placed more important stuff in the Camera App Settings. Now you got all basic settings for your camera and video at once with no confusions!

LG got rid of the “Slide-A-Side” feature which they announced at the LG G2 event. The app was a kind of Multitasking feature in the hard way, so LG listened to its loyal customers, removed it and replaced it with regular multitasking feature.

Many other stuff has been removed or/and merged into another app to make it a more simple UI.
If you spot something else we skipped or you got a question feel free to hit us up in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “LG G3 Settings and UI Changes”

  1. This is how to get to the hidden menu on these four carriers. I know the ATT one works, since that’s what I use. I’m not sure about Verizon. Hope this helps!
    Once hidden menu opens, scroll down to the last setting and turn off the Knock On.
    Intl. LG G3 D855: 3845#*855#
    AT&T LG G3 D850: 3845#*850#
    T-Mobile LG G3 D851: 3845#*851#
    Sprint LG G3 LS980: 5689#*980#

  2. you CAN turn off knockon; just download Quick Shortcut Maker and search within the app for “KnockOn” under the activities tab. There will be two options just hit the second one and go into the setting (don’t bother making a shortcut) and you’ll get a regular settings menu where you can turn off KnockOn.

  3. Now that I can’t turn off KnockON, what am I supposed to do with the issue that the G3 keeps getting woken up in my pocket? It’s extremely frustrating since every time I take it out of my pocket the knock code has been entered wrong several times and I need to enter the backup code and reset knock code!!!

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