LG G3 S 3G D724 gets FCC approval

Another LG G3 variant with model number LG-D724 was approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

According to FCC Filing, There are two alternative models of the device, namely the LG-D724 and LG-D723. The LG D724 is the Dual-sim version, while the LG-D723 is the single-sim Version.
Both LG-D724 and LG-D723 support 3G network connectivity.


The LG-D724 is the dual SIM version of the G3 mini or G3 beat (D725/D728) called LG G3 S. It will be available in CIS Soon.


The official user manual for LG G3 S D724 is already available for download. pdf-iconLG-D724_CIS_UG_140708.pdf