LG G3 Model numbers

Here is the list of different model variants of the LG G3

LG D850 — AT&T(U.S.)
LG D851 — T-Mobile US
LG LS990 — Sprint (U.S.)
LG VS985 — Verizon Wireless (U.S.)
LG US990 — U.S. Celluar (U.S.)
LG AS985 — other regional Carrier (US).

LG F400L/K/S — South Korea
LG D852 — Bell Mobility and Rogers Wireless (Canada)
LG D852G –VIDEOTRON (Canada)
LG D855 — Europe, CIS, Taiwan, Hongkong and other Asian countries.
LG-D855AR — Argentina CLARO
LG-D855P — Mexico,Panama,South America
LG-D855K — TELSTRA (Australia)
LG-D855TR — Turkey

There are two version of the LG G3, The 16GB version gets 2GB of RAM, while the 32GB version gets a full 3GB.

As for color options, The LG G3 will be offered in five vibrant colors: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet and Burgundy Red.

How to identify LG G3 Model number?

Go to Setting> About, then you will see the LG G3 Model Number.

7 thoughts on “LG G3 Model numbers”

  1. hi

    i live in Middle east (jordan ) what i can use if i want to return my phone to 100% stock what model can i use and thanks

  2. This is my exact same concern. I’m in Asia and am thinking of getting the D855. But I’ll be moving to Canada before the year ends. I’m wondering if my phone would still work in Canada.
    The D852 and D855 have two LTE bands in common (700 and 2600). I reckon that should suffice for the D855 to work in Canadian LTE areas.
    Check out Wikipedia for the LTE bands used by different countries (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks)

  3. The question asked was “Can the international version (D855) work with the Canadian providers for the version (D852)?” I would also like to know if it’ll the international version is compatible with American GSM LTE networks/frequencies?

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