LG G3 D855 Software Update: May 19~ May 27

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LG G3 Firmware: Checking the software version and Update history [Last Update: March 12 2017 09:31]

During the past week, Some LG G3 D855 variants received the Android 6.0 M update in Turkey,Thailand,United Kingdom, CIS, and Portugal.

Check below table to find out if the Update is available for your G3 D855 variants.

LGD855 6MP TMN PT/Portugal 2016-05-27
LGD855 CIS CIS 04/Cis 2016-05-27
LGD855 6IS CIS_OPEN_16G 04/Cis 2016-05-27
LGD855 KAZ KAZAKHSTAN KZ/Kazakhstan 2016-05-27
LGD855 6KA KAZAKHSTAN_16G KZ/Kazakhstan 2016-05-27
LGD855 6VU VIRGIN MOBILE_16G GB/United Kingdom 2016-05-19
LGD855 THA THAILAND TH/Thailand 2016-05-19
LGD855TR 6UR TURKEY TR/Turkey 2016-05-19

To identify your G3 variants, please check your current software version, If your device;s current software version reads some thing like this “xxxxx-6MP-XXXX”,  your device;s suffix is “6MP”.

6MP suffix means your device is a 16gb G3 D855 model for Portugal

Since the 6MP suffix is listed in above table, The Update is available for your device. and You can use LG Bridge to update your phone.

If the LG Bridge does not work, You can also use www.lg-firmware-rom.com to download D855 kdz firmware with IMEI. and then use LG UP to install the android 6.0 M update manually.