LG G3 D855 received V10G (D85510g) Software Update [Italy,Austria]

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A new software update build D85510g is available for LG G3 D855 released in Austria and Italy.
Staring from July 31, LG G3 users in Germany,Spain,Greece,Hungary,Portugal and Poland will receive the v10g update.


The Official D85510g firmware for Italy D855 (6IT/16GB model) is available for download.
Please do not flash this onto your 32GB version LG G3 D855;


Software Verison
Last Update date
Austria D855 A6HA D85510g 00_2 2014/7/24
Italy D855 AHIT D85510g 00_3 2014/7/24
Italy D855 A6IT D85510g 00_3 2014/7/24
Norway D855 A6NR D85510e 00_2 2014/7/24
Norway D855 ATNR D85510e 00_2 2014/7/24

The Norway LG G3 D855 (A6NR/16GB Model and ATNR/32GB model) recieved V10F (D8551f) Update. LG G3 users in other European countires will be able to received the V10G (D85510f) software update via OTA Soon.

For those who need to download stock LG G3 Kdz firmware, please visit http://lg-firmware-rom.com/ to grab the latest G3 firmware with IMEI code.

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