LG G3 D855 gets updated

Germany O2 16GB model LG G3 users should receive the V10j software update starting from Sep. 12, 2014


The v10h software update is available for France G3 D855 (A6RF), Romania G3 (A6RR), Spain G3 (A6OE) and Poland G3 (A6OP).

The v10i software Update is available for Norway LGD855 (A6NR), Norway LG D855 (ATNR) , Poland G3 (A6P4) and Poland (A6PL).

Please notes that the Suffix start with A6 means it is a 16GB model, You should not flash a 16GB model firmware onto 32GB model LG G3.

If you have experience any issues with the firmware update, please let us know in the comments below.

Source: Android Face

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