User Manual / Guide

LG G3 Cat6 User Manual / Guide

This is the official LG G3 Cat6 User manual in Korean provided from the manufacture!

It seems that LG will release the LG G3 cat6 soon in South Korea, Since LG Official has published the official user manual for LG G3 Cat6 and made it ready for download!

Download LG G3 Cat6 User Manual

Download:[sociallocker] LG-F460L_UG_V1.0_140714_Web.pdf[/sociallocker]

Download: [sociallocker]LG-F460K_UG_V1.0_140714_Web.pdf

Download: [sociallocker]LG-F460S_UG_V1.0_140714_Web.pd

The LG G3 Cat6 is the premium version of the LG G3. The main difference with this G3 Cat6 (F460L/K/S) is the addition of the Snapdragon 805 Soc in place of the Snapdragon 801 SoC on the base G3 Model (F400L/K/S).