AT & T LG G3 D850 running Android 5.0 build LRX21M Spotted on HTML5TEST site

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[Update] The Android 5.0 Software update for AT & T LG G3 D850 is available now. This software update includes: Update to Android 5.0 (Lollipop) Google setup wizard (R2G removed) Stability improvements —————— Software Verison: D85020f Android OS Build#: LRX21Y —————- Good news for AT&T LG G3 owners! The Android L 5.0 Update for AT&T […]

Android 5.0 Lollipop Software Update for LG G3: F400S19C

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[update] *The F400S19C is just an early build. *It is the Android 5.0 LRX16E build for South Korea LG G3 F400S model. *Please flash the firmware on LG F400S model only! *LG is working on F400K19C and F400L19C firmware too. *No words on Android 5.0 Update for U.S. version LG G3 yet. *More Screenshots of […]

Sprint LG G3 LS990 Software Update: LS990ZV6

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Last Updated: Dec 01, 2014 The LS990ZV6 Update is available through OTA. There will be no LS990ZV5 Update. Note: Do not accept the LS990ZV6 Update, if you still want the root Access. The Stump Root Tool does not work on Sprint G3 with LS990ZV6 Firmware. Good news for Spring LG G3 owners, a new software […]

LG G3 D855 gets updated

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Germany O2 16GB model LG G3 users should receive the V10j software update starting from Sep. 12, 2014 The v10h software update is available for France G3 D855 (A6RF), Romania G3 (A6RR), Spain G3 (A6OE) and Poland G3 (A6OP). The v10i software Update is available for Norway LGD855 (A6NR), Norway LG D855 (ATNR) , Poland […]

Bluetooth Battery life status on LG G3

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If you are using a Bluetooth hands free device you were probably one of the people who got stuck without battery life while making a phone call. Looks like LG has fixed this issue on the LG G3 for its customers. When you connect any branded Bluetooth device not only a LG Branded Bluetooth to […]

LG G3 Settings and UI Changes

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Did you just upgrade your phone from the LG G2 to the newly LG G3 and looking for apps and settings and you can’t find them? No problem, we are here to help! LG has simplified the UI on the LG G3 and removed some settings. For instance, the KnockOn feature is now On by […]

Verizon Wireless LG G3 to feature 3GB RAM – Confirmed

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LG is offering two storage models of LG G3 with varying amounts of RAM. The 16GB ROM model has 2GB RAM while the 32GB ROM model has 3GB RAM. It is widely rumored that Verizon will offer the “16GB ROM / 2GB RAM” version of the LG G3. also mention that Verzion’s LG G3 […]

[Rumors] LG working on LG G3 Stylus?

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Looks like LG is now preparing to launch several variations of its latest high-end G3 smart phones after enjoying a massive success in Asia. So far, various rumors and leaks suggest that LG will release G3 Prime (LG F460L/K/s) and G3 mini (F470L/K/S, D722/D725). A tip from our source indicates LG is working on another […]