LG Bracelet Kizon (LG-W105S) User Manual / Guide [Korean Version]

[Update] The LG-W105S/K/L is not G watch. It is a LG Smart Bracelet named as “KizOn”.

This is the offcial user manual for LG Bracelet Kizon (LG-W105K/L/S) in Korean provided from the manufacture.

There are 3 model variants of the smart braclet kizon released in South Korea, namely the LG-W105S, LG-W105L and LG-W105K.

LG offcial has published the LG Bracelet Kizon (LG-W105) User Manual in Korean and makde it available for download!

Here you are the LG kizON User manual straight from LG offcial website:

LG-W105L | LG-W105L_UG_V1.0_140620-4.pdf

LG-W105S | LG-W105S_UG_V1.0_140620-4.pdf