LG G pad 7.0 (LG-V400, LG-v410) clears Bluetooth certification

We know that LG has been getting ready for three new tablets, namely the G pad 7.0, G pad 8.0 and G pad 10.1. Today, we noticed that the G Pad 7.0 has been granted Bluetooth certification.

The G pad 7.0 omes in two flavors bearing the model names LG-V400 and LG-v410. The LG-V400 is Wi-Fi only Version of the G pad 7.0, while the lG-V410 is tailer made for AT & T. So far, we did not know if the LG-V410 is the LTE version or not.

We have seen images of the LG G pad 7.0 (LG-V400) and the offcial user manual for G pad 7.0 V400.

For your reference, Here are all LG G pad model variants:

LG-V400 — LG G pad 7.0 Wi-fi Only
LG-V410 — LG G pad 7.0 with LTE for AT & T
LG-VK410 – G pad 7.0 with LTTE for Verizon Wireless
LG-V480 — LG G pad 8.0
LG-V490 — LG G pad 8.0 for Poland
LG-V700 — LG G pad 10.1

Source: Bluetooth SIG V400, V410