LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM Firmware Update – X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz

The latest firmware for LG Fortune 2 X210CM (LMX210CM) is software version X210CM10e.

The Firmware Update build X210CM10e was released in June 2018, and it includes the May 2018 Android security patches.

LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM Firmware in KDZ format is now available for download from LG official website, You can download it from below links:

Download LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM stock firmware X210CM10e





Software Version:X210CM10E_0

OS Version:NMR2

File Name:X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz

KDZ File size:1921814914



Anti-rollback Version: 00

Downgrade may lead to phone damage!

If your phone;s current software version is higher than v10e, PLEASE do not try to downgrade the firmware. For example, if your phone’s current software version is v10h, flashing this X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz with lgup may hard brick your phone (Totally DEAD brick). 

For example, if X210CM10e’s Qfuse version is ARB02,  Your phone’s current software version v10h and it’s Qfuse version is ARB03, You will brick your phone when you try to flash a firmware with lower Anti-rollback Version – Downgrade from V10h to v10e.


You can unbrick/restore your soft bricked LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM back to stock by flashing the X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz with LGUP.

In fact, You can fix almost all issues by a hard reset or master rest. If your phone is soft bricked (can still boot into download mode), You can unbrick it with LGUP.

Below You can download the LGUP_Common.dll for LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM 


Download and Unzip it, Rename it to lgup_common.dll and move it to C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\common

Bypass Google FRP on LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM?

Flashing the X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz does NOT allow you to bypass Google FRP.

LG Fortune 2 Sim-unlock?

Flashing the X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz does NOT allow you to sim unlock your LG Fortune 2.



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