LG flash tool and LG UP for LG V30

LG has made some changes in its LG FLASH TOOL for LG V30 smartphone. The Early version of the LG UP or LG Flash Tool does not work on LG V30 models.

LG UP frame 1.15 or LG UP 1.5 is needed when you try to flash the kdz firmware for the LG V30. According to my friends at LG repair Shop, LG also released the LG Flash tool 2025 software, It can be used to flash kdz or tot firmware onto LG V30 tool.

In order to upgrade/restore your LG V30 back to stock, You need LG Up 1.5 or LG Flash tool 2025.  It is pity that we have not got the LG UP store frame 1.15 or LG UP 1.5 or the LG FLASH TOOL 2025. We share will share with you the software when we got it.

So it is hard now to repair/restore your LG V30 phone by yourself, PLEASE do not try to root or modify your LG V30. If your phone stuck on Boot loop screen, Yon cannot fix it by yourself at the moment.