LG Files Trademarks for G3 VIGOR, LG to offer more phones with the G3 brand

LG recently filed three trademark applications for names that include the term “G3”, namely “G3 Beat”, “G3 Lite” and “G3 vista”.

Today, Another trademarks “G3 Vigor” was spotted in uspto filing.


LG might launch more device with the name of “G3″. So far, We have seen the follow possible LG devices of the G3 line:

1) G3 beat — The LG G3 mini D728/D729 for China
2) G3 Vista or G vista– The LG-VS880 for Verizon wireless
3) G3 mini — LG might drop the “Mini” name..
4) G3 Lite — Spotted in USPTO Trademarks filing
5) G3 Vigor — Spotted in USPTO Trademarks filing
6) G3 Stylus — Spotted in an leaked document and a UA Profile
7) G3 Prime — The rumored G3 with Snapdragon 805 Processor

LG might use the above mentioned trademarks as the name for future phones.!

It certainly looks like LG is hoping to capitalize on the G3 brand! We will see more new LG devices with the G3 brand to leverage that early success.

Stay tuned!