LG files trademark for G3 Beat, G3 lite and G3 vista

LG electronics has just filed a trademark application for three new devices with the name of “G3” including G3 Beat, G3 Lite and G3 Vista.

LG G3 Vista
G3 vista
G3 lite
LG G3 Lite
LG G3 beat
LG G3 beat

We have already seen the G3 Beat as a G3 mini variants with model number D729 in China.

As for G3 Vista, we have already heard about the rumor G Vista (LG-VS880) for Verizon wireless, Will Verizon release the VS880 as G3 Vista?

LG is expected to launch another device as G3 Lite someday in the near future.

We also heard about the rumors about G3 prime, G3 mini, and G3 stylus which is expected to be released soon!

According to our tipster there will be no more LG VU models, The next generation of the LG VU will be launched as G3 Stylus.

Stay tuned!