LG FIESTA 2 LTE (LG L164VL) User manual / Guide

LG FIESTA 2 LTE user manual. LG L164VL User guide

This is the official LG FIESTA 2 LTE (LG L164VL) User manual in English provided by the manufacturer.

LG FIESTA 2 LTE (LG L164VL) is the CDMA Variant of the LG FIESTA 2 LTE (LG L163BL). It is a CDMA phone and it uses Verizon Towers.

The LG FIESTA 2 LTE (LG L164VL) is an Android smartphone running on Android N 7.0 OS.  It features Dual 13 MP Camera/Video Recorder and supports 4G LTE/Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Now You can download the LG L164VL User manual from below link:

06_16_2017_LG L164VL_UG_EN_Final.pdf

Need help on the LG L164VL smartphone, You can also find the online LG L164VL Tutorial via this LINK.